Promo Tools

We offer a great set of promo tools to help our affiliates set up campaigns and promote featured mobile sites. From simple redirect scripts to text links, rotating banners or video ads, the promo tool solution provides many options to drive mobile traffic to our properties with a goal to convert and monetize at the maximum level.

Mobile Redirect Script

A very efficient tool for directing mobile traffic to mobile optimized websites. Easy to implement, the code seamlessly navigates the user to the affiliated mobile site.

Mobile Banners

Wide variety of banners ads and text links available; selection based on offer, geo, language, format, creative.

Web2Mobile Banners

Designed to monetize desktop traffic to mobile offer. User enters his phone number via a desktop SMS designed banner, seconds later receives an SMS message with a link to a mobile offer. Clicking on the link in the SMS will open his phone's default browser and load the advertised mobile site.


Our statistics solution provides a high level overview of ad performance with comprehensive reporting based on clicks, CTR, # of conversions, conversion rate, and most importantly a transparent overview of your generated revenue.